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ELCO EAC50 series encoder

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ELCO EAC50 series encoder

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  • Absolute Single-turn encoder EAC50 series
  • BiSS Protocol
  • Robust metal housing
  • Shaft stainless steel 6 mm or 8 mm
  • Output circuit NPN or PNP
  • Shock and vibration resistant
  • Resolution max. 1024 ppr (10 bits)
  • Protection class IP64
  • Different connection types optional

The high-speed motor-specific absolute single-turn encoder EAC50 series have good mechanical damage resistance and can withstand high axial and radial loads.The product is designed with a unique mechanical structure that can carry mechanical load generated by the
high-speed motor. It uses advanced signal processing technology to achieve accurate signal output at 10,000 rpm. With high-precision optical sensing technology, its resolution is up to 18bits.