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Eltra EL 115 - ER 115 incremental encoder Incremental Absolute Encoders. EU Estonia Elincom Sale Buy Repair
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Eltra EL115 ER115 series encoder

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Eltra EL115 ER115 series encoder

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EL - ER 115 A
Incremental EL 115 - ER 115 encoder series (? 115 mm) designed for critical environments with high mechanical resistance requirements. The EL - ER 115 model has a tachometer generator REO-444 type compatible plug.

External diameter (max) 115 mm
Shaft diameter (max) 11 mm
Resolution (max) 10.000 ppr
Output frequency (max) 300 kHz
Operating temperature (°C) -10°... +70°
Enclosure rating IP 54