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Operator Panel GP2500-LG41-24V

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Operator Panel GP2500-LG41-24V

Особенности панелей оператора Pro-Face GP2000:

  • • Диагональ: 12.1, 10.4, 7.4, 5.7
  • • Интерфейсы RS-422, RS-485, RS-232, USB
  • • Поддерживаются сети CANopen, DeviceNet, CC-Link, PROFIBUS-DP, Ethernet
  • • Диапазон рабочей температуры от 0С до +50C
  • • Программирование в пакете GP-Pro
  • Description
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Model (Global Code)

GP2500-LG41-24V (PFXGP2500LD)


Monochrome LCD


Black and White (2 Shades)/ Black and White (8 Shades)
(software control)


CCFL (Service life: more than 50,000 at 24 hr. operation)


640 ? 480 pixels

Effective Display Area (mm)

211.2(W) ? 158.4(H)

Brightness Control

4 levels of adjustment available via touch panel

Contrast Control

8 levels of adjustment available via touch panel

Language Character Sets

ASCII: (Code page 850) Alphanumeric (incl. European characters)
Chinese: (GB2312-80 codes) simplified Chinese fonts
Japanese: ANK 158, Kanji : 6962 (JIS Standards 1 & 2)
Korean: (KSC5601 - 1992 codes) Hangul fonts
Taiwanese: (Big 5 codes) traditional Chinese fonts


8 ? 8 dots

80 char. ? 60 rows

8 ? 16 dots

80 char. ? 30 rows

16 ? 16 dots

40 char. ? 30 rows

32 ? 32 dots

20 char. ? 15 rows

Character Sizes*1

8 ? 8 dots, 8 ? 16 dots, 16 ? 16 dots, 32 ? 32 dots

Font Sizes

Height can be expanded 1 to 8 times.
Width can be expanded 1/2 *2, 1 to 8 times.

Application Memory


Data Backup Memory

256KB SRAM - uses lithium battery*3


Serial Interface

Asynchronous Transmission: RS232C/ RS422
Data Length: 7 or 8 bits
Stop Bit: 1 or 2 bits
Parity: None, Odd or Even
Data Transmission Speed: 2400 to 115.2kbps, 187.5Kbps*4

Serial Interface

Asynchronous Transmission Method: RS232C,
Data Length: 7 or 8 bits,
Stop Bit: 1 or 2 bits,
Parity: None, Odd or Even,
Data Transmission Speed: 2400 to 38400 bps

Network Interface

Ethernet (IEEE802.3, 10BASE-T)

CF Card Interface

1 slot

External CF Card

CF Card Front Maintenance Unit Connector

Sound Output

External Speaker Connection (Terminal Block)
Monaural 1CH
Speaker Output 70mW (Rated Load: 8?, Frequency: 1kHz)
Sound Line Out Output 2.7Vp-p (Rated Load: 10k?)
Wire Gauge: AWG28 to AWG16


Reset Input

Remote Reset Input: 1 point,
Input Voltage: DC24V ±10%,
Input Current: 4mA (TYP), Min. Input Pulse Width: 2ms 
Operating Voltage: (When ON) Min. DC21.1V/ (When OFF) Max. DC3V
Isolation Method: Photocoupler Isolation


Output: 3 Points
(RUN Output: 1 point, System Alarm Output: 1 point, External Buzzer Output: 1 point) 
Rated Voltage: DC24V,
Max. Rated Current: 50mA/ point,
Wire Gauge: AWG28 to AWG16

Printer Interface

Compatible with NECPC-PR201/PL , EPSON ESC/P24-J84(C), HP Laser Jet PCL 4 command printer*5

Tool Connector

Asynchronous TTL level nonprocedure command I/F

Used for transferring data between the GP application software and the GP.
Used for data transfer with the 2-Port feature.

Used for a variety of devices, including a bar-code reader.

Rated Voltage


Rated Voltage Range

DC19.2V to DC28.8V

Power Consumption

50W or less

Allowable Voltage Drop

10ms or less 
(Actual drop must be less than 1 second)

Voltage Endurance

AC1000V, 20mA for up to 1 minute
(between charging and FG terminals)

Insulation Resistance

10M? or higher at DC500V
(between charging and FG terminals)

Ambient Operating

0 - 50?

Storage Temperature

-20 - 60?

Ambient Humidity

10 - 90% RH 
(non-condensing wetbulb temperature 39? or less)


10 - 90% RH 
(non-condensing wetbulb temperature 39? or less)

Vibration Resistance

Compatible with IEC61131-2
When vibration is NOT continuous:
10Hz to 57Hz 0.075mm, 57Hz to 150Hz 9.8m/s2
When vibration is continuous:
10Hz to 57Hz 0.035mm, 57Hz to 150Hz 4.9m/s2
X, Y, Z directions for 10 times (80min.)

Noise Immunity

Noise Immunity:1500Vp-p Pulse Duration: 1µs Rise Time: 1ns
(via noise simulator)

Corrosive Gasses

Free of corrosive gasses


100? or less, or your country's applicable standard


Equivalent to IP65f (JEM1030), NEMA#250 TYPE 4X/12*7

External Dimensions

W317mm[12.48in.] ? H243mm[9.57in.] ? D58mm[2.28in.]


3.5kg (7.7lb) or less

Cooling Method

Natural air circulation