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Nemicon NOC-H series incremental encoder Nidec Incremental Absolute Encoders. EU Estonia Elincom Sale Buy Repair
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EU, Estonia, Tallinn, Randla 13-201
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9:00 to 21:00
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Nemicon NOC-H series incremental encoder

Product is available to order.
Nemicon NOC-H series incremental encoder

Incremental, Absolute Encoders:

  • • From ultra-small to large
  • • From 7mm to 100mm
  • • CE Certificate
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Electrical Specifications

Power Supply(Vcc) DC4.5 13.2 V DC10.8 ~ 26.4 V DC4.5 5.5V(C-MOS ) DC4.75 30V
Current Consumption 90 mA Max 70 mA Max 100 mAMax 90 mA Max 70 mA Max(C-MOS) 60 mA Max
 Output Voltage “H” Vcc-1V Min   2Vcc-1V Min Vcc-3V Min 2.5 V Min Vcc-2.5V Min
“L” 1 0.5 V Max   3 V Max 0.5 V Max 0.4 V Max
Maximum Sink Current 20 mA 40 mA 20 mA 30 mA
Rise & Fall Time 1 µs Max 200 ns Max 3 µs Max
Maximum Frequency Response 200 kHz 50 kHz 200 kHz 100 kHz
Withstanding Voltage of Output Tr.    50 V Max




Environmental Specifications


Starting Torque 9.8X10-4N m Max
Angular Acceleration 1X105 rad/s2
Shaft Loading Thrust 49N
Radial 78.4N
Moment of Inertia 3X10-6kg m2
Maximum Permissible Speed 5000min-1
Net Weight 200g Max


Operating Temperature 10 C +70 C
Storage Temperature 30 C +85 C
Humidity RH 85% Max No Condensation
Vibration 10 55 Hz / 1.5mm X,Y,Z Each 2h
Shock 980m/s2,11ms  X, Y, Z Each 3 times
Ingress Protection IP50