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Encoders KOYO TRD-MX

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Encoders KOYO TRD-MX

A light-duty incremental rotary encoder that is a cost-effective encoder for small applications; has the following features:

  • Small body with 25 mm diameter and 29 mm depth
  • 4 mm diameter solid shaft
    • Resolution available from 100 pulses per revolution to 1024 pulses per revolution
    • Open collector output (4.5–13.2 or 10.8–26.4 VDC), or line driver output (4.75–5.25 VDC)
    • Up to 100 kHz response frequency
    • Two-meter cable with tinned ends
    • IP50 environmental rating
    • Mounting bracket and couplings are available
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Encoders TRD-MX100BD, TRD-MX360BD, TRD-MX500BD, TRD-MX1000BD, TRD-MX1024BD

Part Number Pulses per Revolution Input Voltage Output Body Dia.
TRD-MX100AD 100
NPN Open Collector 25 mm
TRD-MX360AD 360 10.8-26.4VDC NPN Open Collector  25 mm 
TRD-MX500AD 500 10.8-26.4VDC NPN Open Collector  25 mm 
TRD-MX1000AD 1000 10.8-26.4VDC NPN Open Collector  25 mm 
TRD-MX1024AD 1024 10.8-26.4VDC NPN Open Collector  25 mm